About Campbell Family Medicine

About Campbell Family Medicine

Concierge Compassion for
a Lifetime of Care!

Holistic, Integrative and Functional Medicine for the whole family in Cumming, GA. Find out all about our concierge medicine style practice, our physician and services we can offer you.

Concierge Medicine

Our unconventional health care philosophy required an unconventional delivery method, so we provide medical care in a direct care model.  Also called a “concierge” or “membership” care model, patients receive care in our flat-rate fee membership practice.  We limit the number of active patients we serve so that we can provide the best care to the patients we love.  You can expect easy access to Dr. Campbell, her cell phone and email contact information, same day appointments when needed, and extended physician visit times with plenty of opportunity to ask ALL of your questions.

We are located in Cumming GA, minutes off GA 400 exit 14 near the hospital.  After your appointment time, you will find easy access to fine dining or fast food, a movie theater, and shopping of all sorts.  We would love to meet you, so please schedule your FREE practice introduction appointment to see if you practice is right for you.  We can be reached at 678-474-4742.

Currently, all new patients go through an initial 6-month membership program. The total cost of this membership plan is variable depending on the level of inclusive services that it desired by the patient. Memberships for new patients start as low as $3,999.00, with a $1,000.00 payment due up front. The remaining balance can be paid over the course of the following 5 months ($599.80 per month) or at a pace that fits within your budget. The 6 month membership program covers all of your office visits / consultations / emails and an initial lab panel as our gift to you for making this commitment to your health. It also includes Dr. Campbell’s personal after-hours contact information and e-mail address. Cancellation of this membership is allowed at any time with written notice.

After the 6 month period is over, you will automatically be rolled over into our “Standard” membership program* where the membership fees are $258.00 per month. If you do not wish to continue on this membership program, we must have a 30 day written notice of cancellation.

We want you to be happy and healthy and if you are not for any reason then we allow you to walk away from your contract before your term is up. You are not locked in unless you choose to stay!

Thank you for your interest and support of Campbell Family Medicine. We have been operating our practice as a private membership concierge agreement since 2008 and we have touched thousands of lives along the way!

As the practice continues to grow and evolve, we are thrilled that you are interested in our practice style and  services for your wellness journey. We hope that this page may provide answers to some of the questions that you may have about our office, policies, and procedures.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office at 678-474-4742 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Explore the Many Benefits of Concierge Medicine

The membership medicine model is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. As a private member, doctors provide the patient with personal care, including a commitment to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient. This increases the satisfaction of the patient and allows for the doctor to build a personal medical relationship with each patient.

“Following the 121Dr fee-for-care model, we now charge a single annual retainer fee for unlimited access to care!! I am rapidly reducing my practice size to allow time for the personal, preventive primary medical care that I truly love. My many years of experience in family practice and as a national expert in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allow me to facilitate the vast majority of patients medical needs without restriction or hassles.”

~ Dr. Campbell

Frequently Asked Questions

New Patient Questions
Why is CFM a membership based practice?

Please see the excerpt below from an e-mail that Dr. Campbell sent to her patients for why she chose this route for her practice:

“Following the 121Dr fee-for-care model, we now charge a single annual retainer fee for unlimited access to care!!  I am rapidly reducing my practice size to allow time for the personal, preventive primary medical care that I truly love.  My many years of experience in family practice and as a national expert in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allow me to facilitate the vast majority of patients medical needs without restriction or hassles. Now, one annual fee for unlimited access to care includes longer appointment times, my personal cell phone, home phone, 24/7 access, e-mail and same business day appointments. My personal goal is to deliver timely, highly personal and comprehensive services. It is all about having a one to one relationship with you, and I heartfully request you join us!! I want to be your personal physician.

As you are well aware, I have long held the belief that our modern health care system is neither healthy nor caring. The predominant health care model in our country is overly burdensome.  The model has a negative effect on both patients and health care providers.  Sadly, it significantly benefits insurance companies and drug manufacturers, and I dont see many patients getting REALLY better.   In our model of care, I work directly for the patients I love, not for some uninvolved third party. I severed the ties of the abusive relationship I once had with insurers and the government by changing to a “fee-for-service” model and now I think I can do it even better with Dr. Ewins “fee-for-care” model! ”

What am I getting / what am I paying for with my membership?

When you pay your membership, you are paying for 24/7 unlimited access to Dr. Campbell. Your membership allows you to communicate with us via phone, email or face to face. We also offer our private member patients reduced lab costs,reduced injection costs, access to wellness and preventative services at low cost fees and generally same day appointments.

I heard that Campbell Family Medicine does not do any insurance billing or accept any insurance plans. Is this true?

This is true.  Campbell Family Medicine is out of network on ALL insurance plans.  However, you can and should submit many of your expenses for reimbursement although the reimbursement rate may be lower because CFM is out of network.  Membership fees should not be submitted to your health insurance carrier at this time.  MSA, Cafeteria and HSA plans have been known to reimburse patients for much of their out of pocket expenses, but CFM cannot guarantee payment or reimbursement. You are encouraged to review the terms of your policy or contact your HR representative for clarification on coverage and benefits. There is pending federal legislation to make membership fees reimbursable.

How do I cancel my membership?

It is simple! Send written notice of your intent and your cancellation will become effective 30 days after or at the end of the month following your notice (i.e.; notice sent May 15 effective date July 1). If you do not notify the office and choose not to make your membership payments then you will be held responsible for any and all fees associated with the reservation of your membership slot.

Will Campbell Family Medicine send me an invoice for my membership every month?

No. Per your contract terms, Campbell Family Medicine is not obligated to send you invoices for your membership. Payments are due by the 5th of each month (if you are paying monthly), or by the 5th of the following months if you are paying quarterly: January, April, July, October.

Can I use my membership dollars to pay for occasional access to Dr. Campbell by other members of my family?

No. Your membership is specifically for individual use only. Membership is set up so that everyone is allowed the same rights of access to Dr. Campbell. We would be happy to have your immediate family members join us under our membership program.

What does it mean if my membership is suspended for non-payment?

Membership suspension occurs when we have not received payment for your membership program. When your membership is suspended, it means that we can no longer schedule you for an office visit, refill any medications or allow access to Dr. Campbell – UNLESS payment is received. Memberships that have fees unpaid beyond 30 days are subject to suspension. In order to resume membership, payment must be made on the day of or before your next scheduled appointment or service.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at 678-474-4742 and we will be happy to assist you.

Member Questions
Can I get an appointment the same day that I call?

Please note that while we are ALWAYS able to accommodate you for a medical emergency or sudden illness, we have a full schedule most days. Please call us directly for your urgent health needs.

Can I just walk in and expect to be seen?

In most cases, we cannot accommodate drop in visits for vitamin shots, medication refills, or consultations. A quick phone call will help us find a spot that accommodates your schedule.

Can I come over during my lunch hour to get things?

We often schedule working meetings at lunchtime and need all staff available, so please call ahead if you need to pick up supplements or test kits during your lunch hour to be sure we are available. You may be asked to wait unnecessarily if you simply drop in at lunchtime. We also conduct regular staff meetings every Thursday morning until 9:20 am. We will be unable to answer the phone or provide counter service at that time.

What happens if I call and get a busy signal or send an email?

We work hard to be sure we are available on the telephone as needed. We have added extra phone lines and if the phones are busy or unanswered despite this, please let our staff know so that we may continue to change the infrastructure to meet your needs. The same holds true for email. If you do not get a response to your message after 24 hours then please phone the office with your question or concern.

What can I expect with regards to customer service?

We work very hard to exercise good manners and phone etiquette, and will not tolerate short tempers, voice frustration or cursing from staff members to patients or from patients to staff members. Patients who find themselves unable to refrain from unacceptable behavior may be asked to leave the practice. If you have a negative experience at CFM we want you to feel comfortable in communicating that. Please send your concerns to Natalie Patierno, our Office Manager and she will be sure your voice is heard. We use all experiences as a lesson intended to help us learn and grow. We have a formal procedure in place to insure proper documentation and follow-up of all concerns. We appreciate you sharing your great experiences with us as well.


CFM has partnered with a large number of different lab vendors. We want patients to have access to and choices from a variety of labs for specialty and routine testing. Because CFM is an out of network provider for all insurance companies and does not accept nor file insurance,we pass this responsibility along to you or the laboratory if you so choose to use your mandated health insurance.   Dr. Campbell may request some labs that insurance plans will deny; we have found that some patients prefer to pay a less expensive rate through our office.  Retail costs for labs are often way more expensive than our negotiated rates and we want you to have a choice in how your labs are billed.  You are certainly able to submit your lab fees for reimbursement to your insurance provider or ask staff about including insurance information so that the lab can directly bill your insurance. Please direct your concerns in this matter to our office manager, Natalie Patierno at natalie.cfm@gmail.com

How do I know if CFM is closed because of inclement weather?

There will be a warning email  and social media post about changes in operational status as inclement weather is predicted. However, we know that some of our patients travel a distance to see us. If the weather is or is predicted to be hazardous in your area, please call the office to reschedule. We have never charged a no-show or cancellation fee in that case. PLEASE log in and follow us on Facebook to get the most up to date information.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We request the courtesy of 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. If there is a pattern of disregard for your scheduled appointments, there will be a warning notice followed by other administrative action, if necessary.

What is the meaning of the triple swirl symbol on your website and business cards?

This ancient symbol is called a triskele. It has been found in artifacts from Bronze Age Europe and from pre-Columbian America. Most often, it is associated with ancient Celtic tribes. Its exact meaning is uncertain, but is often used to symbolize the cycles of life. Many authors feel it represents earth, sea and sky, or water, fire and wind. Others think it may have symbolized Father, Son and Holy Spirit to early Christians converting from Druidism. Some feel it stands for life, death and rebirth. Yet others feel it represents an energy flow with each aspect simultaneously flowing outward and returning to the point it began. It was chosen as the symbol for Campbell Family Medicine for each of these reasons, and was first seen by Dr Campbell on a recent trip to Ireland.