Thank you for your interest in our membership program!

1.) Why is CFM a membership based practice?

Please see the excerpt below from an e-mail that Dr. Campbell sent to her patients for why she chose this route for her practice:

“Following the 121Dr fee-for-care model, we now charge a single annual retainer fee for unlimited access to care!!  I am rapidly reducing my practice size to allow time for the personal, preventive primary medical care that I truly love.  My many years of experience in family practice and as a national expert in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy allow me to facilitate the vast majority of patients medical needs without restriction or hassles. Now, one annual fee for unlimited access to care includes longer appointment times, my personal cell phone, home phone, 24/7 access, e-mail and same business day appointments. My personal goal is to deliver timely, highly personal and comprehensive services. It is all about having a one to one relationship with you, and I heartfully request you join us!! I want to be your personal physician.

As you are well aware, I have long held the belief that our modern health care system is neither healthy nor caring. The predominant health care model in our country is overly burdensome.  The model has a negative effect on both patients and health care providers.  Sadly, it significantly benefits insurance companies and drug manufacturers, and I dont see many patients getting REALLY better.   In our model of care, I work directly for the patients I love, not for some uninvolved third party. I severed the ties of the abusive relationship I once had with insurers and the government by changing to a “fee-for-service” model and now I think I can do it even better with Dr. Ewins “fee-for-care” model! ”

2.) What am I getting / what am I paying for with my membership?

When you pay your membership, you are paying for 24/7 unlimited access to Dr. Campbell.  We also offer our CFM:121 members reduced lab costs, and generally same day appointments.

3.) I heard that Campbell Family Medicine does not do any insurance billing or accept any insurance plans.  Is this true?

This is true.  Campbell Family Medicine is out of network on ALL insurance plans.  However, you can and should submit many of your expenses for reimbursement although the reimbursement rate may be lower because CFM is out of network.  Membership fees should not be submitted to your health insurance carrier at this time.  MSA, Cafeteria and HSA plans have been known to reimburse patients for much of their out of pocket expenses, but CFM cannot guarantee payment or reimbursement. You are encouraged to review the terms of your policy or contact your HR representative for clarification on coverage and benefits. There is pending federal legislation to make membership fees reimbursable.

4.) How do I cancel my membership?

It is simple! Send written notice of your intent and your cancellation will become effective 30 days after or at the end of the month following your notice (i.e.; notice sent May 15 effective date July 1). If you do not notify the office and choose not to make your membership payments then you will be held responsible for any and all fees associated with the reservation of your membership slot.

5.) Will Campbell Family Medicine send me an invoice for my membership every month?

No.  Per your contract terms, Campbell Family Medicine is not obligated to send you invoices for your membership.  Payments are due by the 5th of each month (if you are paying monthly), or by the 5th of the following months if you are paying quarterly:  January, April, July, October.

6.) Can I use my membership dollars to pay for occasional access to Dr. Campbell by other members of my family?

No.  Your membership is specifically for individual use only.  Membership is set up so that everyone is allowed the same rights of access to Dr. Campbell.  We would be happy to have your immediate family members join us under our membership program.

7.)  What does it mean if my membership is suspended for non-payment?

Membership suspension occurs when we have not received payment for your membership program.  When your membership is suspended, it means that we can no longer schedule you for an office visit – UNLESS payment is received.  In order to resume membership, payment must be made on the day of or before your next scheduled appointment.

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