Karen Pirkle, RN

Directly from Karen:

“First, let me say I have been a R.N. since before the surface of the earth cooled.  I got my Bachelors of Nursing degree from the Medical College of Georgia in (gulp) 1973!  Since then I have worked in nursing as a Public Health Nurse with Fulton County, Ob/Gyn Practitioner in Fulton County and Shelby County Alabama.  After taking a 6 year break to be a stay at home Mom I returned to nursing at our pediatricians office in Birmingham.  The time at the pediatric office led me to a position at UAB in the Genetic Clinic.

My family then moved back to Forsyth County, my husband’s home.  I then began a 20 year stay at Georgia Highlands Medical Services as Nurse Manager.  This is where I met Dr Campbell nee Walaitis.

On leaving this position I began working as a Geriatric Care Manager.  Visiting with Dr Campbell she mentioned adding a R.N. to her staff.  I was immediately interested because of my respect for Dr Campbell and to  work in a different type of medical practice.  A practice where the patients are put first.  I also enjoy Dr Campbell, Natalie, Katy and Keisha.  There is truly a different spirit in this office and I am so happy to be a part of it.”

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