Thermography Tech-Jen Patterson and Regina Barber

We have two technicians who are available to perform your thermal breast imaging session.  Read about them below!


Jen Patterson (Right)
Jennifer (Jen) grew up outside of Philadelphia. She lived there until 1992 when she moved to South Carolina and subsequently went off to college at Randolph-Macon in Virginia. She spent two years in Virginia and then transferred to University of Georgia. After graduating from UGA with a BS in Fashion Merchandising, she took a job with Polo Ralph Lauren. After Polo, she worked for Disney Direct Marketing until 1999 when her daughter was born. 18 months later her son was born and she LOVES being a mother.
It was this role that got her interested in health and with her own personal journey through the health system, she realized that people need alternatives and answers. Women’s health is a field that can either be empowering or degrading and Jen wants to be a vessel that empowers women to take charge of their own health.  She loves the science behind this service and wants to share her knowledge with you.


CFM Thermo Techs.Gina.Jen 2015


Regina Barber (Left)
Regina (Gina) grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA. She attended the University of Pittsburgh for Information Science. In 1991 she married her best friend and childhood sweetheart. That same year she moved to Dayton, OH and later worked for NCR. In 1994 her son was born and she left her job to be a full-time stay at home mom. Her family moved to Georgia for her husband’s job in 2010.
Regina has had an interest in health and well-being since her early teens. She grew up watching her mom use natural health alternatives and healthy foods to take care of their family and she has continued that healthy way of living with her family.
Since going through severe early menopause, severe adrenal fatigue and overcoming all of the terrible symptoms that go along with it through the use of natural remedies, she now has an even greater passion for natural health alternatives and holistic solutions. Her passion is to empower women to be their own advocate when it comes to their health and the health of their loved ones.
She is passionate about the science behind breast thermography and wants to share her knowledge with you.

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