Thermal Breast Imaging

Non-Invasive Breast Screening

You never want to hear “You have breast cancer.”

 Even if …

  • You have dense breasts.
  • You have large breasts.
  • You’re too young for a mammogram but are worried.
  • You have fibrocystic breasts.
  • You have had breast surgery, breast cancer or breast implants.

We can schedule you for a thermal breast imaging session!

We want to talk to you about breast HEALTH, not breast DISEASE!

You do not need a doctor’s order to have a thermal breast imaging session done!  We have two technicians who share the schedule and are available Monday – Friday.  We have many options for appointments and scans only take about 35 minutes each.


 NO touching!

NO crushing!

NO radiation!

Thermal Breast Imaging detects breast changes 5-8 YEARS before mammography detects masses!

 Thermal Breast Imaging should be YOUR new choice!

Thermal Breast Imaging is FDA approved as an adjunctive screening tool.  It is supported by more than 800 peer-reviewed studies, and these studies encompass more than 300,000 participants!

Why choose Thermal Breast Imaging?

  • No contact.  There is no uncomfortable, and painful, compression of the breasts between glass plates.
  • Non-invasive.  It is not necessary to inject dyes or contrast mediums into your blood stream
  • Absolutely no radiation.  We use a thermal imaging camera.

Call us today to schedule!  678-474-4742

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All readers and women alike, please note the FDA’s guidelines regarding thermography:
1. Thermography is not a replacement for screening mammography
2. [Thermography] should not be used by itself to diagnose breast cancer.
3. [Thermography] is NOT a substitute for NOR is it superior to mammography
4. Thermography devices have been cleared by the FDA for use as an adjunct, or additional, tool for detecting breast cancer.

(Bullets 1-3 from
(Bullet 4 from

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