Dear ICPs,

I hope that during the time of quarantine you got to bond and understand your child better, who he or she really is.

Now I want to help you help your child move forward in development, health, behaviors, cognitively and socially.

And here’s how: attend the FREE Autism Recovery Summit 4: Healing Brain, Body & Being.

Do you feel excited and hopeful about the day your child will:

·      Connect deeply with you and others

·      Show you her happy disposition instead of anxiety

·      Eat everything you put on his plate

·      Have friends he feels comfortable with

·      Match peer level in skills?

This is possible! Luminara Serdar, Holistic Healer and Autism Recovery Specialist, shows you how at the

Autism Recovery Summit 4: Healing Brain, Body & Being
May 25th – 31st
FREE online event!


Please join me, along with over 30 of the most dedicated health practitioners including doctors, scientists, nutritionists and outside-the-box specialists who get results and will share methods, tips, practical actions, new perspectives, and stories of recovery.

In this unique event, you’ll discover:

·      What your regular pediatrician won’t tell you to help your child

·      Concrete steps for stimulating speech, development, sociability and happiness

·      Why food choices matter, what’s healthy and what’s not, and how to get your picky eater to eat what you want him to eat

·      How CBD, amino acids and other nutrients positively affect your child’s nervous system

·      Easy gut health solutions to improve anger, anxiety, bowel habits

·      Strategies for self-care that ultimately help your child calm and learn

·      Help for ‘behaviors’ – defiance, anger, anxiety driven behavior

·      How screen time and EMFs affect your child’s brain

·      Simple and non-invasive solutions to improve development, growth, communication, connection, sleep, head pain

·      Reasons why your child isn’t at peer level developmentally and what to do

·      Why you may want to get your child’s vision tested to improve sensory issues

·      Steps to take today to begin recovering your child, or continue on the recovery journey

·      New therapies and products that help with brain development

We kick off on May 25th!

I can’t wait for you to see your child change before your eyes!

“Yes! Sign me up for the Summit!”

Know anyone who needs support with their child with autism? Please forward this Summit invitation to friends, family, teachers and therapists today!