Wildfire Remedies For Your Health

Georgia is experiencing another drought.  The EPD declared a Level 1 drought on Sept. 9, 2016 for North Georgia. An historic consequence of this drought has been 30,000 acres of wildfires, which are still burning and expelling tons of particulate matter, ash and smoke into our air.  Normally fall brings cleaner drier air to our community, but this year the air itself is toxic and the smoke generated by wildfires is a potential health hazard for everyone in the area.  Wildfire smoke can cause a number of physical symptoms, and we have seen an increasing number of people complaining of these.  Those most affected are seniors, children, and people suffering from chronic heart conditions, asthma and COPD.

Symptoms caused by wildfire smoke occur because of irritation of the respiratory tract.

Most common symptoms are:

  • Cough and Shortness of breath
  • Scratchy sore throat
  • Chest pain
  • Burning pain in eyes
  • Runny or burning nose
  • Burning, inflamed and stuffy sinuses
  • Headache
  • Worsening of heart disease can include chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue
  • Worsening of asthma and COPD include difficulty breathing, cough, wheezing and limited exercise tolerance

If there are fires near you, be prepared to evacuate from the wildfire path.  Listen to the news to learn about current evacuation orders. Follow the instructions of local officials about when and where to evacuate. Take only essential items with you. Follow designated evacuation routes, others may be blocked, and expect heavy traffic.

Paraphrasing Smokey Bear:  “Prevent wildfires from starting”   Prepare, build, maintain and extinguish campfires safely. Comply with local regulations if you plan to burn trash or debris. Check with your local fire department to be sure the weather is safe enough for burning. NOTE: Georgia has banned the use of fireworks for the rest of the year.


First, listen to local air quality reports.  Today, our Air Quality Index (AQI) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is 123 (orange) “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.”  When >150, almost everyone will experience negative health effects. If we get news reports that there are toxins in the smoke we may offer enhanced detoxification support, in the form of herbs and supplements to support the liver, lungs, bowel, sweat, and immune system. For now, we suggest the following:

If a public health message warns you to stay indoors, keep your indoor air as clean as possible and take the following precautions:

  • Run air-conditioners on re-circulation mode and be sure to use a clean filter. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter may reduce the number of fine particles in indoor air and may help prevent breathing problems, and is recommend to have in the sleeping rooms of all respiratory or cardiac patients.
  • Keep all windows and doors closed.
  • Don’t allow anyone to smoke in the home, and do not use candles (especially scented ones), fireplaces, gas stoves, or other sources of added smoke.
  • Even vacuuming should be avoided, since this can increase the number of particles in the air from substances that are already present in the home.
  • Go indoors; change your clothes and rest.
  • If eyes are red and or itchy, rinse them with water, saline contact lens solution and or use homeopathic soothing eye drops like Similisan.
  • If it’s too hot to stay in your home with all the windows and doors closed and you do not have an air conditioner, you should arrange for shelter in another location.
  • Paper dust masks sold at hardware stores are designed to filter large particles in the air (like sawdust) and will not protect you from inhaled smoke, but N-95 masks that you would use for reducing exposure to flu may provide some protection. A reusable mask often seen on the streets of Beijing is the VogMask. They come in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent toxic chemicals from smoke from getting concentrated and harder to expel, and to keep mucus thinner and easier to clear.
  • Another mucus membrane remedy is the use of demulcents. This is a term derived from the Latin word for caress. Demulcents are thought to be mucoprotective by helping cells make a thin layer of mucus. Common ones include okra, and teas or tinctures made from licorice, marshmallow (the herb, not the candy!), slippery elm and aloe.
  • Make an appointment to see us if chronic symptoms are getting worse.
    • Consider getting a “Detox cocktail” at CFM. We will give you 500 cc of IV fluid to flush toxin from your kidneys, IV glutathione to support your liver’s ability to remove chemicals and we can add nasal oxygen while you sit for your IV to get your oxygen saturation up to 99-100%  (for an extra fee.)  For no extra charge, we can apply an essential oil blend to your chest and neck to help open and calm unhappy airways.





In medical school,  we were taught that half of what we were learning was wrong, we just did not know what half yet.   In so many ways, I feel like listening to the wisdom of my grandparents may have served me better than listening to the “wisdom” I gained in medical school for preventing chronic disease.  

For 40 years, doctors and their patients have been taught to avoid foods high in saturated fat or cholesterol like butter, whole milk, eggs and red meat because they were bad for your heart and your arteries. The AMA, FDA, and AHA officials have been urging us to cut fat and cholesterol for nearly four decades. (We knew this was not right, and for 10 years have been counseling our patients on a whole food, plant based diet low in inflammatory foods which very often means being gluten-free. Dairy, meat and eggs are allowed if you are not sensitive to them.)

Nevertheless, a February report published in the online journal BMJ Open Heart  calls “foul!” on all that low-cholesterol advice.  They concluded that the dietary recommendations introduced to 220 million US and 56 million UK citizens by 1983 were not backed up by any supporting evidence!!  

They reviewed the older clinical trials, all published before 1983, and looked at dietary fat and cholesterol, and  evaluated the chances of getting heart disease.  There was no “relationship between dietary fat intake and deaths from [coronary heart disease] or all causes,” Even when patients significantly reduced their cholesterol intake, they did not end up living longer, and NO WOMEN were included in these trials!! 

In 1983, we started eating the American Heart Association diet and following the food pyramid, with very little fat and 9-11 servings of simple starchy carbohydrates. Look at what happened: sky-rocketing rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

The authors of the latest study agree that  low-fat dietary guidelines never had supporting scientific evidence, and really should never have been introduced.

There is bountiful evidence that we can eat flesh foods (but chicken and fish much more often than red meat), modest amounts of butter, milk and cheese AS LONG AS we are also eating more fresh green, leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits and legumes.

The largest amount of evidence supports a Mediterranean diet that   rich in vegetables, fruit, and whole grains (organic and not GMO)  and lot of seeds, nuts and olive oil.

Dietary cholesterol is NOT bad for you. If you have been avoiding eggs for breakfast, start enjoying them again, and support your local free range egg farmer while doing so!

Stay tuned, my  next article will discuss what we know about blood levels of cholesterol.


It is interesting how times change with regard to infectious diseases. My grandmother had measles, my mother had measles, and I had measles as a kid. Many of us did! – and it was rarely an issue. My med school boyfriend’s mother had measles when she was pregnant with him. She was told he would be deaf and mentally challenged his whole life (he was neither.) Back then, measles was considered a “benign childhood disease.” It certainly can cause birth defects and serious complications but those are the rare exception, not the norm.

Many patients and their families are in a dilemma now because of a recent measles outbreak that became apparent when visitors contracted measles after visiting Disney in California in December 2014.

Measles had been declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, which means it is no longer found native in the US, but can be brought in by international travelers.

Since 2001, the number of US measles cases has topped 100 only five times and there were more than 200 cases in 2011, the CDC says.

However, last year, the number spiked to 644 cases, the agency reported.

Measles is a highly communicable respiratory disease caused by a virus and spread through the air. Measles starts with a fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and sore throat, then progresses to a spilled paint rash, (Cough, coryza, conjunctivitis is first.)

Let’s calm some fears.

The fatality rate of measles had already fallen 100 fold before the vaccine was ever invented. We in the integrative world are not as convinced of the theory of herd immunity for protection. This believes if you vaccine a critically threshold all will be protected (But, after all many of those getting sick in CA were fully vaccinated)

So if you get sick with or without the vaccine, why bother getting it?? Public health officials and CDC can give us many reasons but there are also many valid counter arguments.

Right now, the primary reason to vaccinate is FEAR. We have been recently taught to think that measles = death. To my knowledge, there have been no deaths from this outbreak.

I checked the CDC website Feb 1, and there were no GA cases.

Ken Bock MD is a colleague of mine and vaccine cautionary; he has fairly balanced approach: http://childrenshealthchoices.org/bock.html

Sherri Tenpenny is a med school classmate and colleague of mine; after studying for 10,000 hours, she is totally against vaccination: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/are-unvaccinated-people-being-wrongly-blamed-for-new-outbreaks-that-are-due-to-faulty-vaccines/

The thing is, if you or someone in your family contacts measles, you WILL BE quarantined and potentially not able to do your life for a few weeks.

Many unvaccinated families are asking me what do to. The decision to not vaccinate certainly is harder in the face of real disease than it was when we saw no cases, and I can’t really make a decision for you. I could argue either side really well!

CFM does not carry MMR vaccines in the office and the single individual measles vaccine is indefinitely back ordered by the manufacturer. The health department (yeah, I know, uggh) may be the best place to get the measles vaccine.

If you choose to vaccinate, follow Dr. Bock’s guidelines for pretreatment with supplements, and get the vaccine at least 6 weeks before you have out of state travel.

For our family, my kids have not all been “fully” vaccinated and I am not running to get them any booster shots. We rely on good hygiene, good nutrition, good supplements, common sense, and a bit of luck and Devine guidance to keep them safe every day from a myriad of accidents and infections. We don’t let fear consume our lives, and take precautions that make sense for our family. We believe you will do the same.



Local doctors and Ers are reporting many flu cases. One pediatrician office had 5 cases in one morning!


  1. FREQUENT HANDWASHING is your best prevention. Wash WITH SOAP before you eat, before and after using the toilet, after going to public places like grocery stores and airports. The soap should contact your skin long enough to sing the refrain of JNGLE BELLS twice! Be mindful to not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your fingers during flu season!!! **
  2. Thieves oil – is an herbal antimicrobial used for generations. It is available in hand sanitizer, foaming hand soap, spray, household cleaner, and essential oil. When cleaning with Thieves oil cleaner – don’t forget the germiest places of all: your remote control, cell phone and your keyboard!
  3. Vitamin D – What is your current level? While we like to see levels at 55ng/dL, it is advisable to increase your vitamin D levels during times of illness and stress. We have vitamin D available in three delivery forms: liquid, pill, and transdermal. **
  4. Make sure you are taking your probiotics, or additional Echinacea, andrographis, or β-Glucan. During the holidays, get plenty of sleep and minimize overindulgences!!
  5. The makers of Oscillococcinum flu treatment now have a homeopathic flu preventive. Called Influenzium, it is taken as 5 pellets once a week for 4 weeks (same day each week is best), Wait 3 weeks, then take another 5 pellet dose. Can repeat 2 months later to renew treatment


  1. At first symptom, boost vitamin D to 50,000 twice a day for 2-5 days, Vitamin C to 2-3000mg every 2 or 3 hours and take our favorites herbal remedy Biocidin 30 drops every 8 hours for 1-2 days until better, or Oscillococcinum Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve entire contests of tube in the mouth. Repeat 2 more doses at 6-hour intervals. If starting late, use two time daily for three days.
  2. Eat the traditional foods – onions, garlic, and chicken soup. The chicken soup cannot come from a can or a box. It has to be the home-made kind; the kind that turns to “jello” when you leave it in the refrigerator. Make sure that the chicken soup you make has plenty of extra garlic and onions.
  3. Flu packs – if still sick after a couple days, we have flu packs available for purchase. Each pack contains zinc, 50,000IUs of vitamin D, a probiotic, zinc and iodine to thin mucus. Take 1-2 times daily, get 5-10 packs depending on where you are in the flu cycle.
  4. Saline gargle and nasal lavage / neti pot** – make sure you are using salt water, or salt water that has been fortified with a probiotic, colloidal silver or grapefruit extract.
  5. For decongestion – we have several products available. We have D-Hist, Sinatrol, Core Sambucus (an elderberry herbal), and Eucalyptus Radiata (an essential oil).
  6. For fever – we have Traumeel (as a pill or transdermal lotion), Viru-Chord and Flu-Tone (both homeopathies). If you use Tylenol, be sure you also take glutathione and never take Tylenol if you are too sick to eat.

Please note: While the temperatures have been dropping outside, there is no scientific evidence that being cold will make you catch a cold.

**We have another handout for more information.

If you think that you DO need a prescription, call within the first 24 hours of your symptoms. After the first 24 hours, the prescription drugs (i.e. Tamiflu) are ineffective. Even so, as best, Tamiflu results in a 1.3 day reduction in the median time to improvement. And, in prevention, it reduces incidence of laboratory-confirmed clinical influenza from 4.8% for the placebo group to 1.2% for those taking Tamiflu for prevention.

Hair, Nails, and Anti-Aging

Product B got my attention. In the last 5 months, I have not broken a fingernail. (This IS REMARKABLE, coming from a girl who could NEVER grow her nails long enough to polish them and felt just a bit icky about those gel or acrylic ones) I got so tired of trimming my bangs every two weeks, so I decided to grow them out, and those thin spots of hair at my temples thickened up. My hairdresser says I am about 20 % less gray, with thicker hair all over. Pretty impressive, huh?

Last January, my staff and I started a simple experiment to see if a new supplement would make any objective changes in our health parameters. We took a baseline bio-impedance analysis and fasting blood work, and started taking 4 capsules per day. Mind you, while we all carry a few too many pounds of body fat, our parameters are mostly healthy, and as a total group we don’t take many meds except hormones. We don’t have many symptoms except fatigue.

I became fascinated when an old girlfriend/compounding pharmacist from Iowa called me last fall to share with me her discovery of a seemingly benign anti-oxidant supplement that had rapidly become the #1 seller in her pharmacy AND had so many testimonials that seemed too good to be true. If they had not come from Sue, I would not have believed stories about reversal of neuropathy pain, normalization of blood pressure and hypothyroid conditions, resolution of the need for reading glasses, disappearance of acne, ADHD and depression and the reversal of chronic leukemia in her own dad! Always a skeptic of these sorts of testimonials, I made our CFM staff supplement guinea pigs.

Product B is an oral supplement that contains very low doses of Vitamins B12, C and E combined with herbs that we use every week in our office: Milk thistle, ashwagandha, horny goat weed extract, grape seed extract, turmeric, resveratrol and about 25 others. The magic seems to happen with the combination of all of these things together. I have had an opportunity to meet Dr. Bill Andrews. He got his PhD from UGA in Molecular and Population Genetics. It has been his lifelong goal to “find a cure for aging.” Using Nobel Prize winning science, Dr Andrews has pioneered the development of products that slow and actually reverse aging at the cellular level, by enhancing the enzyme “telomerase.” In his lab, Product B does this better and more safely than over 300,000 tested drugs and supplements. You will be hearing MUCH more about anti-aging and telomerase support in the coming years. If you want to learn more, click here. http://www.sierrasci.com/documents/bill_andrews_on_telomere_basics_curing_aging.pdf or watch this 11 minute video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76jVeplJClA.

So what did Product B do for the other staff of CFM? Natalie no longer needs her reading glasses. Katy grew out her hair and her nails too. All of us showed an increase in our phase angles (cells favoring regeneration instead of cell death) and cellular capacitance (healthier cell membranes). All of us showed a few points of improvement in our fasting glucose and cholesterol. All of us stopped supplementing for a while, and then restarted Product B because we just felt better, like a three-way light bulb going from dim to brighter.

We started stocking Product B in our natural pharmacy. It takes 4 months for one cell cycle to be complete, so a true trial is a 4 month commitment. We’d love to hear your stories of what Product B does for you. While Product B costs $99/month, if you start it in September or October, we will do two FREE BIA tests (Pre-product B and 4 months later, and you do not have to be a patient/member of the practice to try it). We want you to track your own phase angle, capacitance and body fat. After all, if we look younger inside AND out, and live healthier with fewer drugs, we can each fulfill our mission on this earth longer and more vibrantly. Who doesn’t want that?

Lifestyle Medicine Can Do Wonders For Your Life!

Ellie W. Campbell, DO

April 28, 2014

I was blessed to be among 700 of the smartest doctors in the country!  I gave two lectures at this recent event for AAMG.  One was titled “Gender Differences in Metabolic Syndrome” and  the other one was titled “Preserving the Aging Brain: memory, balance and cognition”.

Three things stand out as  my most powerful take home messages from the AMMG conference that I attended this April, and I wanted those to share with you.

First,  the recent JAMA article that caused a furor against Testosterone therapy and started the deluge of lawsuits against Testosterone was based on a very sketchy data set, terrible data analysis and possibly (still being investigated) even fraud.  Dr. Abe Morgentaler from Harvard has assembled a group of over 25 international organizations with hundreds of world’s Testosterone therapy experts and they are demanding a retraction of the article. It is the opinion of many medical experts that Testosterone (properly managed) is safe and improves CVD and cancer outcomes, it does not worsen them. Dr. Morgentaler also gave one of the most touching lectures I have ever heard about the use of Testosterone therapy in men. His decades of experience as a urologist, testosterone replacement advocate, and men’s sexual health expert  has convinced him that most men want optimal sexual health NOT for themselves, but to please and satisfy the women they love. He was very compelling.

Second, there is a novel and very exciting adjunct to the management of obesity. In fact, it may actually be the holy grail for the reversal of sarcopenia and osteoporosis. We heard from Dr. Bob Hariri of Mt Sinai (an amazing man, serial entrepreneur, and neurosurgeon, bio medicine stem cell researcher and flight surgeon who saved many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan ) and Dr. Louis Arrone from Cornell who is one the world’s best obesity authorities and researchers. They have joined forces in a company called MYOS with a product that is a myostatin inhibitor. It causes growth in muscle stem cells and rapidly –within 2-3 months–dramatically improves muscle strength and mass with subsequent fat loss! I was most impressed and expect you will be too hearing a lot about this science in the coming months and years. You can read about them at: http://www.myoscorp.com/about/member/247/dr-robert-j-hariri

Third, almost without exception, every expert lectured on the importance of lifestyle changes. No surprise to me considering that I preach and teach this daily in my office.

We live in world full of toxins: food toxins, air and water pollution toxins, eletromagnetic toxicity, and emotional toxins.

We need to limit toxic exposure wherever possible- eat real clean food and drink  purified water. We need to swear off junk food and fried foods and most especially sugar in all of its forms, obvious and hidden.

We need to SLEEP 7 to 8 hours per night and respect our circadian rhythm.
We need to be still and rest, meditate and pray.
We need to exercise– 30 minutes 5 days a week to maintain fitness, 60 minutes if you have fat pounds to shed. Despite good nutrition with fruits and veggies and no fried foods, almost all of us need vitamin and mineral supplements because our high stress lifestyle and toxic exposure surpasses our ability to get those in food. We especially need supplemental Vitamin D! Most of us will also need hormone support as we age and cortisol support during times of stress. Many chronic illnesses are worsened by adrenal insufficiency and cortisol levels should be tested.  All of us need seat belts, and helmets and common sense protection against traumatic brain injury!! The secrets to graceful aging are mostly within the control of our own lifestyle management.

Now I can tell the secret. Chelation saves lives.

Now I can tell the secret.  Chelation saves lives.

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending the spring conference of the International College of Integrative Medicine in Nashville TN. What I learned was so profound that I feel compelled to share the information. I even had to learn how to blog just for the occasion!

I confess that I have been reluctant to use this live-saving therapy because of the lack of data (other than the reports of my colleagues.) One of my diabetic patients had dry gangrene on 2 toes. He was confined to a wheelchair. After 12 chelation IVs he was pain free, and walking, after 26 IVs the gangrene peeled off like sunburn and left no scar. His cold purple feet turned pink and I could feel his faint pulse for the first time.   He died a few months later– from complications related to a fall– not related to his chelation, but despite this apparent miracle, we have not been using chelation therapy while waiting on the TACT data.

In August 2012 the first ever large scale trial to study chelation therapy for the treatment and prevention of DEATH, stroke, heart attack, angina, stents and by-passes in high risk patients with heart disease was published.  1700 patients were studied over 10 years.  Initially, in 2012 the results were reported as lukewarm “While being provocative, due to its borderline significance and the above-mentioned reasons, the TACT study is not conclusive and should not change clinical practice. The results do warrant further study, especially in patients with diabetes or prior anterior MI, due to a signal of benefit in these subgroups.”  (From mayoclinic.org)

In March 2014, however, Dr Gervasio A Lamas, a non-integrative professor of medicine from Columbia University and Mount Sinai in Miami Beach and the TACT principal investigator presented the TACT data to our conference attendees. It is not a “signal of benefit,” as first claimed. It is a slam dunk, OMG, AMAZING, blockbuster study that needs to be shared!!

Chelation is safe. There were no more adverse events in the treatment group than in the placebo group.

Chelation improves outcomes.  Chelation plus oral vitamins reduces the rate of stroke, heart attack, death, angina hospitalization or need for stent or cardiac bypass, BY A LOT, a clinically significant 26%. (95% CI 0.74 P=0.016 NNT 12).

If the patient is diabetic, though, the results are even more stunning. There was a 43% reduction in the 5 year death rate with chelation therapy, as well as a 51% reduction in the combined endpoint listed above, when vitamins were added.

Over 100,000 patients are quietly and often secretly getting chelated in doctor’s offices all over the country. More need to know about it, now that the data are out and we have the scientific support of what we have been seeing clinically for decades.

Chelation is not an easy or inexpensive therapy, but only because currently it is not paid for by any third-party insurers.  It requires a series of 40 IV infusions, once a week, and each lasting three hours. Patients must also take high dose oral multivitamins (they improved the outcomes about 11 %.) Each IV costs between $100-$200 depending on what part of the country you live in, and you need blood drawn after every 5th IV. This brings the total cost to $4500 to $10,000 for the 40 week therapy.  Considering the cost of ONE DAY in the hospital with heart attack or stroke this is quite inexpensive.

More work needs to be done. There is more to know. Only 8% of the patients in TACT were women. We need to know which populations get the best results, and why.   For now, though integrative doctors with specialty training in chelation therapy can join the celebration. Their patients have been celebrating results for decades.


“My recent colonscopy showed colon polyps and I need to go back in three years. Is there anything else I can do?”

This is a question I am frequently asked, and the good news is that  polyps he/she removed are history. They won’t bother you any more. The surveillance is to look for NEW ones. Frequent colonscopy is a great way to reduce colon cancer risk, as well as to get some really great naps.

If you were told to repeat your scope in  three years, the polyp biopsy most likely showed adenomas.   Adenomatous polyps do not ALWAYS become cancer, but they have a much higher rate of malignant transformation than others types of polyps, so they are considered PRE-cancerous. It is odd to me that the GI’s almost never ask WHY you got these adenomatous polyps in the first place,  or offer advice on what you might do to prevent NEW ones.There are SIX things you should do.
  • First: Take Vitamin D. Use whatever dose it takes to get your blood level up to 55ng/mL. For me personally,  this takes 5000 IU per day. This one intervention will reduce your risk of colon cancer by 60%. Gorham ED, et al. Am J Prev Med. 2007;32:210-6)
  • Next,  get tested for MTHFR gene mutation.  Folic acid is critical to a healthy gut. If you are positive for this gene mutation, your folic acid metabolism is impaired and you need special “activated B12 and  folic acid”. Suggested doses are  500-1000 mcg of methyl B12 and 400 mcg of methyl folate,  more if you have a double gene mutation. Autistic kids have a very high % of double mutations, one from each parent. If you have the mutation, test your kids.
  • Third. Eat a high fiber diet. 30-40 grams per day is the minimum, such that you poop 1-3 times EVERY DAY. If you won’t eat that much,  take a (gluten free)  fiber supplement.
  • Fourth: if you need to, lose weight (fat mass). Fat cells make abnormal hormones that fuel cancer. Obesity is a major risk factor for colon cancer.
  • Fifth: Take a probiotic. We are just beginning to understand their role, but if you have ever taken an antibiotic, a steroid, or had high lifestyle stress, your gut health will likely  be improved with a probiotic.
  • Last. (good luck with this one, although it will likely help # 4 as well as improve your blood sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, brain function and many many other benefits) Give up all wheat and sugar. Abnormal cancer and pre-cancer cells LOVE sugar. It is their favorite fuel source. Don’t eat it and it will choke them before they multiply. Dr Alessio Fasano–the world’s best regarded gluten/celiac specialist–  tells us that 100% of people who eat wheat get an inflammatory response. Inflammation starts the pathway that triggers cancer cells. Furthermore, gluten triggers a specific inflammatory peptide associated wish colon cancer.

There is MUCH more that can be done if you have GI symptoms, and a specialist in holistic or functional medicine can guide you in a 4R gut recovery program, but the six steps  outlined above and regular colon screening increase your chances of never receiving that awful cancer diagnosis.

What is a Bio-Identical Hormone and why do I need one?

What is a Bio-Identical Hormone and why do I need one?

by Dr. Ellie Campbell

If you suffer from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, migraines, loss of interest in your partner, weight that won’t budge, missed periods when you are not pregnant, or fatigue, you might benefit from a discussion of hormones and hormone replacement therapy.

Many health magazines, top authors and TV personalities including Dr. Oz are touting the use of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT), especially as an anti-aging strategy.  The best strategies for graceful aging without chronic disease are regular exercise, good sleep, and a clean organic plant-based diet.  But when it comes to hormone supplementation, there is a lot of misunderstanding by patients and doctors alike!  Far too often, all hormone therapies are lumped together despite vastly different chemical structures and side effect profiles.

All human bodies make hormones every day.  These chemical messengers are mostly derived from cholesterol molecules and serve to regulate cell metabolism, growth and repair, strength, memory, wellness and vitality. Poor diet, excessive stress, medicines and environmental chemicals disrupt our otherwise perfect hormone balance, and make us fatter, sluggish, and old before our time.  Aiming for age appropriate levels and balance of hormones relative to each other, doctors typically can measure and replace the following hormones:  insulin, cortisol, three estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, thyroid (T3 and T4), melatonin and others. Any time we restore balance using the exact same chemicals as Mother Nature made, we are using Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. Chemically and structurally identical to the hormones our bodies make, they can be measured and monitored over time.

Although typically thought of as treatment just for menopause, many men, women and adolescents can benefit from a hormone analysis and medical exam to determine if balancing hormones to natural levels would benefit their symptoms. At Campbell Family Medicine, we utilize a strategy of test, treat and retest along with close monitoring for symptom relief and side effects to ensure maximum benefits.

We know from recent studies (the Women’s Health Initiative in particular) that artificial non-BioIdentical hormone replacement can actually be harmful and increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.  Each patient deserves an individual, careful analysis of their situation, and a treatment that considers their environmental, genetic and physiologic risk factors. BHRT may be part of your risk reduction and solution to symptom free living.   Dr. Ellie Campbell is one of the area’s most experienced Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement practitioners, with hundreds of hours of continuing education in hormone therapy, thousands of satisfied patients and the ability to measure hormones by blood, urine and saliva.

Start your hormone journey today and call us for your FREE meet and greet appointment. 678-474-4742

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