Hair, Nails, and Anti-Aging

Product B got my attention. In the last 5 months, I have not broken a fingernail. (This IS REMARKABLE, coming from a girl who could NEVER grow her nails long enough to polish them and felt just a bit icky about those gel or acrylic ones) I got so tired of trimming my bangs every two weeks, so I decided to grow them out, and those thin spots of hair at my temples thickened up. My hairdresser says I am about 20 % less gray, with thicker hair all over. Pretty impressive, huh?

Last January, my staff and I started a simple experiment to see if a new supplement would make any objective changes in our health parameters. We took a baseline bio-impedance analysis and fasting blood work, and started taking 4 capsules per day. Mind you, while we all carry a few too many pounds of body fat, our parameters are mostly healthy, and as a total group we don’t take many meds except hormones. We don’t have many symptoms except fatigue.

I became fascinated when an old girlfriend/compounding pharmacist from Iowa called me last fall to share with me her discovery of a seemingly benign anti-oxidant supplement that had rapidly become the #1 seller in her pharmacy AND had so many testimonials that seemed too good to be true. If they had not come from Sue, I would not have believed stories about reversal of neuropathy pain, normalization of blood pressure and hypothyroid conditions, resolution of the need for reading glasses, disappearance of acne, ADHD and depression and the reversal of chronic leukemia in her own dad! Always a skeptic of these sorts of testimonials, I made our CFM staff supplement guinea pigs.

Product B is an oral supplement that contains very low doses of Vitamins B12, C and E combined with herbs that we use every week in our office: Milk thistle, ashwagandha, horny goat weed extract, grape seed extract, turmeric, resveratrol and about 25 others. The magic seems to happen with the combination of all of these things together. I have had an opportunity to meet Dr. Bill Andrews. He got his PhD from UGA in Molecular and Population Genetics. It has been his lifelong goal to “find a cure for aging.” Using Nobel Prize winning science, Dr Andrews has pioneered the development of products that slow and actually reverse aging at the cellular level, by enhancing the enzyme “telomerase.” In his lab, Product B does this better and more safely than over 300,000 tested drugs and supplements. You will be hearing MUCH more about anti-aging and telomerase support in the coming years. If you want to learn more, click here. or watch this 11 minute video

So what did Product B do for the other staff of CFM? Natalie no longer needs her reading glasses. Katy grew out her hair and her nails too. All of us showed an increase in our phase angles (cells favoring regeneration instead of cell death) and cellular capacitance (healthier cell membranes). All of us showed a few points of improvement in our fasting glucose and cholesterol. All of us stopped supplementing for a while, and then restarted Product B because we just felt better, like a three-way light bulb going from dim to brighter.

We started stocking Product B in our natural pharmacy. It takes 4 months for one cell cycle to be complete, so a true trial is a 4 month commitment. We’d love to hear your stories of what Product B does for you. While Product B costs $99/month, if you start it in September or October, we will do two FREE BIA tests (Pre-product B and 4 months later, and you do not have to be a patient/member of the practice to try it). We want you to track your own phase angle, capacitance and body fat. After all, if we look younger inside AND out, and live healthier with fewer drugs, we can each fulfill our mission on this earth longer and more vibrantly. Who doesn’t want that?

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