Lifestyle Medicine Can Do Wonders For Your Life!

Ellie W. Campbell, DO

April 28, 2014

I was blessed to be among 700 of the smartest doctors in the country!  I gave two lectures at this recent event for AAMG.  One was titled “Gender Differences in Metabolic Syndrome” and  the other one was titled “Preserving the Aging Brain: memory, balance and cognition”.

Three things stand out as  my most powerful take home messages from the AMMG conference that I attended this April, and I wanted those to share with you.

First,  the recent JAMA article that caused a furor against Testosterone therapy and started the deluge of lawsuits against Testosterone was based on a very sketchy data set, terrible data analysis and possibly (still being investigated) even fraud.  Dr. Abe Morgentaler from Harvard has assembled a group of over 25 international organizations with hundreds of world’s Testosterone therapy experts and they are demanding a retraction of the article. It is the opinion of many medical experts that Testosterone (properly managed) is safe and improves CVD and cancer outcomes, it does not worsen them. Dr. Morgentaler also gave one of the most touching lectures I have ever heard about the use of Testosterone therapy in men. His decades of experience as a urologist, testosterone replacement advocate, and men’s sexual health expert  has convinced him that most men want optimal sexual health NOT for themselves, but to please and satisfy the women they love. He was very compelling.

Second, there is a novel and very exciting adjunct to the management of obesity. In fact, it may actually be the holy grail for the reversal of sarcopenia and osteoporosis. We heard from Dr. Bob Hariri of Mt Sinai (an amazing man, serial entrepreneur, and neurosurgeon, bio medicine stem cell researcher and flight surgeon who saved many lives in Iraq and Afghanistan ) and Dr. Louis Arrone from Cornell who is one the world’s best obesity authorities and researchers. They have joined forces in a company called MYOS with a product that is a myostatin inhibitor. It causes growth in muscle stem cells and rapidly –within 2-3 months–dramatically improves muscle strength and mass with subsequent fat loss! I was most impressed and expect you will be too hearing a lot about this science in the coming months and years. You can read about them at:

Third, almost without exception, every expert lectured on the importance of lifestyle changes. No surprise to me considering that I preach and teach this daily in my office.

We live in world full of toxins: food toxins, air and water pollution toxins, eletromagnetic toxicity, and emotional toxins.

We need to limit toxic exposure wherever possible- eat real clean food and drink  purified water. We need to swear off junk food and fried foods and most especially sugar in all of its forms, obvious and hidden.

We need to SLEEP 7 to 8 hours per night and respect our circadian rhythm.
We need to be still and rest, meditate and pray.
We need to exercise– 30 minutes 5 days a week to maintain fitness, 60 minutes if you have fat pounds to shed. Despite good nutrition with fruits and veggies and no fried foods, almost all of us need vitamin and mineral supplements because our high stress lifestyle and toxic exposure surpasses our ability to get those in food. We especially need supplemental Vitamin D! Most of us will also need hormone support as we age and cortisol support during times of stress. Many chronic illnesses are worsened by adrenal insufficiency and cortisol levels should be tested.  All of us need seat belts, and helmets and common sense protection against traumatic brain injury!! The secrets to graceful aging are mostly within the control of our own lifestyle management.

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