Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography

What is Thermal Breast Imaging?

Thermal Imaging evaluates your risk for developing breast disease, thereby allowing you the opportunity to do something before the need for a diagnosis.

Thermal Breast Imaging detects breast changes up to 5-8 YEARS before mammography detects masses! We encourage thermal breast imaging as an adjunct to mammography!

Why Choose Thermal Breast Imaging?

NO Touching!
NO Crushing!
NO Radiation!


No Contact

There is no uncomfortable, and painful, compression of the breast between glass plates.


It is not necessary to inject dyes or contrast mediums into your bloodstream.

Absolutely No Radiation

We use a thermal imaging camera.

Extremely Affordable

No insurance claims or denials to worry about.

Painless Breast Screening

Thermal Breast Imaging is FDA approved as an adjunctive screening tool. It is supported by more than 800 peer-reviewed studies and these studies encompass more than 300,000 participants!

Because you never want to hear “You have breast cancer.”
We can schedule you for session even if…

  • You have dense breasts
  • You have large breasts
  • You’re too young for a mammogram but are worried
  • You have fibrocystic breasts
  • You have had breast surgery, breast cancer or breast implants

We want to talk to you about breast HEALTH, not breast DISEASE!

Thermal Breast Imaging

Fun Facts

The 5 year survival rate for women whose breast cancer is detected in it’s early stages is 100%.
Many health organizations no longer recommend mammograms or clinical breast exams before age 45.
Using thermography is a smart way to know whether or not you might need clinical follow up.

Campbell Family Medicine is a Therma-Scan Network Partner Clinic!

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