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“Dr. Campbell is an amazing lady.  There are very few physicians with her level of expertize[sic] , caring nature and level of commitment… A huge ‘Thank you’ to you and all the staff at CFM for all the care and kindness you provide to the patients.”

“I am undergoing treatment by Doctor Campbell for the following afflictions:

IBS, Extreme arthritis pain in hands, knees, ankles and feet, obesity, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, Type 2 diabetes, insomnia and panic attacks.

Since being treated By Doctor Campbell I am pleased to report that by following her instructions the IBS is cured, I have lost forty two pounds, the extreme arthritis pain is in check, the high blood pressure and rapid heart rate has normalized to the point that I have cut my blood pressure medication intake in half. My blood sugar has normalized to the point that I no longer require insulin injections, the panic attacks are less frequent and I am sleeping more soundly. My wife started joining me in my daily cardio routine and has been able to stop her BP medication altogether. Lastly, my ocular pressure has been reduced by ten points.

The results I have achieved by following Doctor Campbell’s and team CFM’s instructions is nothing short of miraculous and the journey has just started. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is fortunate to get into her patient rotation.


Steven N.

Dahlonega Georgia”


“Health Care… Where do I begin… I believe that modern medicine contribute to the many years I spent toxic and hopeless that I would ever live a pain free life. I am VERY leery of what I consider uneducated doctors. However, I almost went broke seeing the, out of network, doctors I believed in. Finding Dr. Campbell, has been a breath of fresh air for my family. I LOVE the personalized care and attention my family receives. I do not have to tell our whole life story multiple times per visit. Dr. Campbell knows and respects my views, and she is my partner in health.

I recently had to visit a hospital with my younger daughter, and literally I had to repeat my information 18 times… each time the nurse, tech, or doctor seemed to be recording my answers. I later found out that no, none of them had. That doesn’t happen with Dr. Campbell’s office because you are dealing with her each time. She knows every patient and their unique situation. I also appreciate the way she offers you multiple solutions to our concerns and allows us to choose the path we are most comfortable with. And I mean come on, how cool is it to have your doctor’s cell phone… ( :

Another aspect of her practice that I have come to appreciate, is the communication that the office provides the clients. Dr. Campbell, being the only DR, does have to take vacations or personal time, rightfully  so. However, she ALWAYS informs her clients well in advance and provides a solution should there be a problem. This is huge!

I have recommend Dr. Campbell to many people, and will continue to do so. I would also recommend this style of practice to doctors who really want to practice with care and compassion, without the limitations of insurance companies. I believe this style of practice has enabled Dr. Campbell to not only be my doctor but also my friend.” -Heather D.

Anonymous writes “Thank you so much CFM.”

“Awesome!  Love, love, love ya!”

“The best ever!”

“Praising God and thanking Him for leading me to this practice!  You are all such a blessing!”

-Jen B.

“No telling where I would be health wise if I had not started with Campbell several years ago.  I think I have been coming since 2009 and if I had followed exactly as I had been taught I would definitely be in better shape physically and mentally but this year will be different I can promise you that.  I am already feeling better even though I have gotten off to a slow start.  It’s how you finish that counts ..right?  I really appreciate Dr. Campbell suggesting the coconut oil for my skin.  It has really helped.

The whole staff at Campbell is the best of any doctor’s office I have ever dealt with.  I love coming to Campbell Family and that is what it feels like ‘family.’”

-Marilyn W.

“I’m just so thankful that we finally have finally found something that has brought me relief. Thanks kind Doctor. If you ate Chocolate, we would get you the jumbo box ! [My wife] used to arrange flowers at her past job. Perhaps she will make a a spring surprise ! I can’t express how grateful [my wife] and I are to you and everyone at CFM.”

-Steven N.


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