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Hi Natalie and Dr. Campbell!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful advice and support. I’m into my 3rd week on this diet for candida syndrome. Already my headaches have lessened, I’m sleeping much better, my skin seems to be improving and overall I just feel like a happier person. I think I’m even starting to loose a little weight. That’s all the encouragement I needed to be able to stick to this eating plan. Thank you for taking a closer look instead of just prescribing me a pill. I’ve been to a number of doctors over the last 7 years, just to try and figure out what was wrong with me. I was even referred to specialists. I was prescribed pills and when that didn’t work, they just gave me a higher dosage. I even had one doctor recommend that I take over the counter diet pills. Even I know the dangers of that. I am so grateful to have found your office and I am so happy to be on my way to good health.
Thank you to both of you-
Carmen Mc*****

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“Dear Dr. Campbell,


When I came to see you a few months ago I told you about how I had been experiencing rather severe pain in my hands, wrists, and arms at night.  It had started about four years ago with tingling hands that woke me up at night.  I ‘googled’ tingling hands and was amazed to find that this was a common problem.  I found all kinds of comments and chat on the issue but no real solutions.  Sometimes this tingling I was experiencing also occurred in a football-shaped- area on the right side of my lower back.  (The tingling had also always been worse in my right hand.) I could always get rid of the sensation by repeatedly clenching my fists and releasing them for about two minutes.  Needless to say, this affected my ability to get a good night’s sleep.


Then, about 6 months before I finally came to see you, whenever the tingling started, it was only a precursor to a severe pain in my hands, wrists, and arms. The pain felt as though my arms, fingertips to shoulders, were being crushed between two steel plates.  Again, I could shake it off by repeatedly clenching my fists and releasing them, but now I also had to stand up and rotate my arms at the shoulder.  Again, this happened several times at night, which made for a very bad night’s sleep every night.


When I told you about this, you said you thought it might be caused by a vitamin D deficiency, so you took some blood for testing.  When the tests confirmed my D was low (15 ng/ml), I started taking D supplements immediately.  I began with 1000 i.u. for a few weeks, but it was only a matter of days until the pain was completely gone and the tingling was almost gone and I was having no undesirable side effects from the D, so I started to take 2000 i.u. per day, and even the tingling went away.  I not experienced this problem in any form since a couple of weeks after I began taking the D supplement.  And the second test you ran, about four months after I began taking D, showed my D level was up to 62.6 ng/ml.


I can’t thank you enough for resolving this problem for me.  Since I am 57 years old, I can’t help but wonder how many other aging ‘boomers’ are living with pain that could be cured by inexpensive vitamin ‘D’ pills found in every drug and grocery store all around them.  I hope this word gets out so others can find out how easy this particular health problem is to solve!”


Terri J.  – May 18, 2008



“Yesterday I did something I have not done since high school, purchase jeans with a 31’ waist.  It was quite a dilemma as the 32’ waist did not fit, too big (WOW), but the 31’ waist was better only very tight on my legs.  What a great problem to have!  So, how did I do it?  Lose 30 lbs in 40 days the duration of Lent.  Very simply.  OptiCleanse GHI and FitFood.  I averaged 3 to 4 OptiCleanse GHI and 2 FitFoods per day.  I did add in frozen fruit to both, but, I did not go overboard.  Also, with the FitFood I did one scoop of the fructose free to 1 scoop of the flavored (choc. and vanilla).  I did this to compensate for the fact that I was adding in some sugar with the fruit.  I also added in some nuts for more health fats.  I also refrained from alcohol for the duration.  The thing that blows my mind is the fact that in this time frame I did not work out at all.  However, I wanted to rewire my body.  I felt like I was working myself into a situation which my body was relying on an hour and a half workout everyday.  I found myself gaining weight despite this exercise level.  So… I sent my body a wake-up call ‘big time.’ My start weight was 195 and finished at 165.  I wish I would have done a BIA at the start but the best I have is a data point in Sept. of 2007, pre-football season, which I was 10 lbs lighter, but the data is impressive non-the-less.  In that time frame my FAT was 19.9% and 37.2 lbs.  My April BIA FAT was down to 15.6% and 25.9 lbs.  So the net loss was 11.3 pounds of FAT.  Once again recall this is based on starting weight of 185!  My true start weight was 195.  Also, my BCM or lean muscle mass went from 41.1% up to 43.4%!  Wow.  This is what healthy weight loss is all about!”


John M. – April 23, 2008



“About a year ago, I was listening to a close friend of discuss her medical care giver and really started to pay attention when she mentioned she was not on any conventional medications.  My friend, who was in her seventies, said Dr. Ellie Campbell had a different way of practicing medicine.


Since I was in need of a check up and was totally unsatisfied with my previous health care, I decided to make an appointment.  The first surprise in making this call was how receptive her staff was and I was scheduled to see Dr. Campbell the very next week, not in two months, as was the practice I was accustomed to.  Instead of filling out the usual questions about my background, health problems when entering the Campbell Family Health Care, I was given a list of questions that more or less focused on things that no other doctor had every bothered to ask me in the past.


After answering the questions and getting my total score, Dr. Ellie Campbell entered the examination room, introducing herself and immediately putting me at ease, a real first, since I have suffered from the ‘white coat syndrome’ with other medical practitioners.  She sat at her computer, went over the questionnaire and through that got a thorough knowledge of my medical history.


I was surprised to find out what her concerns were concerning my health.  This was all new territory to me and I had no idea how these problems were affecting my life.  She did a series of tests, again, some of which I have never had in the past and in a week all the tests were back and Dr. Campbell had a plan as to how I was going to get ‘healthy.’


Here I am not well on my way to wellness, off all the negative conventional drugs, living and eating a healthy life style and felling better than I have for over a decade.  I realize, this would not have happened without my friend speaking about a woman she had great respect for, but I did listen and the results were something I had never seen coming.  Dr. Ellie Campbell literally gave me my life back, and for that I am very grateful.


No other medical practitioner in my sixty years ever bothered to ask the right questions or to care to the extent she has for me and my family.”


Teddy D. – January 7, 2008



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt really bad, could hardly walk without major pain, ached all over, headaches, and a numb left arm also.  I also had severe stomach pain, congested all of the time, and was anxious about every day events.  I could not cope well with stress and even had numbness in both feet – although more in my right.


Before I saw her, I had significant symptoms of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, aches and pains, migraines, kidney problems, and my back area was hard to straighten up.  I also favored my left leg and limped most of the time and had kidney problems – with very strong pains.


I think the secret to feeling better was that Dr. Campbell listened to my complaints; asked the right questions that no one else asked; took tests that no one else has ever bothered with before; and prescribed over the counter nutritional supplements.


Now, I feel 40% better.


Now, I can walk without pain (not always).  I walk 2 miles every day, can get up from a chair without aching and bending over when I couldn’t do this before.  I also have more energy.


I am most grateful for getting my life back.  This is giving me confidence that I do not have to live out my life living with extreme pain.  The anxiety I feel is not in check, this too will be solved, I feel confident it will.


Problems I probably have had all of my life are finally being identified and solutions are being presented by Dr. Campbell who gave me hope.  If someone would have taken the time to listen 15 years ago, many of these problems could have been avoided.


Thank you Dr. Campbell!  I am very grateful.”


Theora D, age 59, female, patient for 45 days as of September 12, 2006



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I was overweight, arthritic and had a long care of stomach problems, was very uncomfortable, and had a bad PSA result which felt hopeless.

Before I saw Dr. Campbell, I had significant symptoms of ulcers, some depression, and sexual dysfunction.


I think the secret to feeling better is diet, supplements (Omega 3 large doses!) and exercise.

After seeing Dr. Campbell, I now feel 75+% better.


Now, I can jog and my stomach has cleared up.  I lost 20 lbs and am still losing weight.  I am still not sure about the PSA yet.


I am most grateful for the Omega 3 tip!! I took flax oil and cottage cheese as part of a natural prostate therapy.  The old ankle problem prevented me from jogging and I walked with a limp for 30 years!  In ONE MONTH I have gone back 30 years in how my ankle performs.  That enabled harder exercise.  My diet now consists of tons of green and other vegetables and fruits, no meat and no sugar.  My depression is gone even in light of likely facing a prostate cancer diagnosis.  My quality of life is WAY up!  Gee, it feels GREAT to feel GOOD AGAIN!


By the way – I jog for 1.2 hours a day, 6 days a week.  No ankle soreness!  Wow!  Past doctors had me taking 1,000mg of Ibuprofen per day for 15 years to manage the swelling and pain in my ankle.  In my opinion, that led to my stomach problems.  Dr. Campbell told me about Traumeel as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Great staff!  Better than Ibuprofen in my case!”


Kris W, age 52, patient for 1 month as of February 2008.



“Before we started seeing her, my child felt tired and always had a stomach ache.  Additionally, her lymph nodes were very swollen.


I think the secret to her getting better was a change of diet.  We are all on fish oil and multi-vitamins.


Now, my child feels 80% better although we still have some time to go.


My child no longer complains of her stomach hurting.


We are most grateful for finding her allergies (food sensitivities) and most of all for Dr. Campbell.


I cannot believe what a difference this has been.  Mallory had swollen lymph nodes and since we have been on a special diet – or let’s just say a change of lifestyle.  Her lymph nodes have gotten smaller and she never complains of her stomach hurting.


Thank you so much Dr. Campbell!”


Mallory D., age 4, female, patient for 1 month as of 2007



“Hi, my name is Stanley R. and this is my story.  I was sitting around the house and noticing that I had to go to the bathroom a lot for about 3 months.  So I decided to go to the chiropractor to get my back adjusted to see if that was the problem.  So I went to the chiropractor for about a month but it was not helping.  So one day my chiropractor went out of town and let another chiropractor take his place until he got back.  So on a Saturday I went to the chiropractor and the new chiropractor asked me what my problem was so I told him.  I came back 3 days later and my chiropractor found a note to tell me to get tested for diabetes.  So I went to my doctor – Dr. Ellie Campbell – and she tested me.  I have Type II diabetes.  It scared me to death, but Dr. Campbell told me to see Natalie Patierno in order to get on a diet.  She put me on a diet and I was able to lose 15 pounds in 14 days.  Three months later I lost 40 pounds and dropped my cholesterol 100 points and was also able to get my blood pressure normal.

PS – My problem is gone!”


Stanley R.



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I also had severe leg and arm pain – especially in my joints.


Before I saw her, I had significant symptoms of joint pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, anxiety, and depression.


I think the secret to feeling better was the adrenal rebuilder with good anti-fungals.


Now, I feel 90% better!


Now I can play tennis, golf, and work much, much harder.  I no longer have any of my previous symptoms and am most grateful for finding Dr. Campbell.”


Tyler A, age 23, was patient for 3 months before filling out survey.



“Dear Dr. Campbell –


Thank you for your gracious spirit of caring, of excellent diagnosis, of finding a cardiologist quickly, of listening to a patient, and of writing an excellent report and of taking time to mail it to me.  My surgery for a pacemaker is scheduled for next Wednesday.


God bless you in your practice.  Greatly needed in our day and age when so many people, including doctors, are in a hurry, are doctors like you who care and listen.  Though, as you observed, I am very healthy and don’t need a doctor often, I am glad to call you my doctor.




Mabel H.”


Mabel H.  July 31, 2008



“When I was introduced to First Line Therapy by Natalie, I was 51 years old and at a cross roads in my life on several different fronts.  Though I went to Natalie for the purpose of weight loss, what I found was a life coach.  Natalie has helped me see that my poor food choices were often the result of how I handled life’s stresses and that I did not have a good understanding of nutrition in general or what nutrition my body liked and needed.  Natalie has become my teacher, my counselor, my primary health care provider and my friend.


My Story:


I am a single woman with responsibility for my aging mother who has dementia and is living in an assisted living retirement home.  I have never married and have no children.  My brother and I grew up as Air Force dependents.  Though we didn’t move as frequently as some military families, we do not have lifelong friends from childhood, and each move further developed our strong self reliance and independence traits.  My father passed away when I was in college and my brother was in high school – more opportunity for ‘strengthening.’


Over the years I maintained relatively good health with the exception of excess weight and the related high blood pressure.  I saw my doctors and dentist for the routine annual and semi-annual checkups.  I was perimenopausal experiencing only mild issues on that front.  Having passed the half century mark, I had the obligatory colonoscopy and was cleared for 10 years.


Hence, the cross roads; with many years of life ahead of me, I was alone.  I felt alone in a world of couples and families; alone in caring for my aging mother; and alone without a job which had identified me for many years.


When I found Natalie, what she said, and didn’t say, was that I was not alone.  She was there to help.  And she did.  I learned about toxins and the effects that different substances, natural and man-made, had on my body.  As my body began to detoxify, my acid reflux subsided.  I was able to discontinue taking the purple pill ‘Nexium.’  Changing my diet to healthy portions and selections, my weight began to drop.  After about 20 lbs of weight loss, my doctor cut my blood pressure medicine in half.

I thin Natalie would agree that I was most stubborn in changing my mindset when it came to exercise.  I did not want to exercise.  She was very creative in trying to find ways to get me to move, but I wasn’t buying it.  When I reached the 35 lb – 40lb weight loss range, my weight loss stalled for several months.


I had a friend that I joined a weight loss program and was having success with it.  The program was a very basic ~1200 calorie diet with close monitoring of scale and food diaries.  I started with that diet and it helped some, but I finally gave in to the need exercise and looked into joining a gym.  I found a great facility close to home but I knew from my history, that I wouldn’t do it on my own, so I signed up with a personal trainer.  Terry is an ex-marine and his approach is firm but kind.   I immediately enjoyed the twice a week strength training I was doing with Terry, but he kept on me about doing cardio (treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical).  He explained that while I needed the strength training to build muscle, it was the cardio that would burn the fat.  Typical me, I resisted.  I was faithful to my strength training and during the first 6 weeks of working with Terry, I lost a few inches but no weight.  He was disappointed in the results but explained that he could not do the cardio for me.


When I finally let go of my weak arguments and started doing the treadmill, I finally saw more results.  Monday through Friday, I do 30 minutes of light cardio twice a day and I’m continuing my strength training twice a week.  After just a few weeks, lbs were dropping and I was able to come off my blood pressure medicine totally.  I couldn’t have given Terry a better gift when I told him that news!

Natalie has been monitoring all of this activity and helping me understand what is happening in my body with the different types of exercise and changes in diet.  She explained the need to increase my caloric intake to match the level of exercise that I was doing.  Natalie helps me see the complete picture; the weight loss specialists focus on the scale; the personal trainer focuses on the muscles and toning; but Natalie is looking at the inside and anything there is to understand.


At the time of this writing, it has been one year since I found Natalie.  I have lost approximately 70 lbs, 8 inches in my waist, 10 inches in my hips, and 4 inches in my bust.  My arms, calves and thighs are down as well!  Maybe the most important thing is that I feel great and I know that with Natalie’s guidance, I have made this journey in such a way that I am healthier than I’ve ever been.  My goals are another 30 lbs of weight loss, exercise for the rest of my life, and always having Natalie as my life coach!”


B.D.R. – Suwanee, GA



“My husband, Jon, and I started seeing Dr. Ellie Campbell in May of 2008.  Jon had just suffered a minor heart attack, and I was dealing with peri-menopause and the stress of a busy job while caring for my elderly mother.


I had been driving to Dunwoody and fighting traffic to visit holistic MDs prior to discovering Dr. Ellie.  However, I had trouble with communication with both of them and Jon stopped going to doctors altogether for two years because of their poor bedside manner.  While he knew on some level he was dealing with symptoms of inflammation, the doctor had not explained the importance of treatment, nor had she followed up with him.


We are very pleased with our new relationship with Dr. Campbell and her staff, and the wonderful convenience and extra attention we get with the 121 doctor plan.  We have both had our hormones balanced which makes us feel better than ever.  Our libido is back to where it was when we first started dating, and then some!  Both of us have lowered our levels of inflammation, and have each lost 20 pounds while discovering our food sensitivities.


Whenever we need a little hand-holding or words of medical advice, Dr. Ellie is only a phone call or e-mail away.  When Jon recently broke his foot, Dr. Ellie sent him to the same podiatrist that had treated her own broken foot.


I recommend Campbell Family Medicine to all my friends.  Two of them are now part of her 121 doctor plan and have both been happy with their care.  On our podcast, Our Natural Life, we frequently link to the Campbell Family Medicine website.  Dr. Ellie and lifestyle Coach Natalie Patierno are regular guests on our show to explain healthy lifestyle changes to our listeners.


We love Campbell Family Medicine!  Ellie and Natalie, you have changed our lives!  Thank you for your caring, proficient, and holistic quality of care.  We wish you all success in your business for very selfish reasons!”


Cathy and Jon P. – Johns Creek, GA



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt wiped-out:  I had fatigue and joint pain; no joy in life – like I had had my whole life previously.  Before I saw her, I had significant symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and was tired of ‘being sick.’ I think the secret to feeling better was a doctor who listened to me and figured out the source of my ‘un-health.’  Now, I feel 80% better and am looking forward to that 100%!  Now, I can dance again and have energy to cook again, and do every day jobs when I could not do these things before.


I no longer have symptoms of severe joint pain and I have my energy levels back.


I am most grateful for Dr. Campbell and her overall knowledge for my complete well being.


I have truly never met a doctor before whom I feel has my health interests as her goal, rather than only money received for her services.  She has gone beyond any other doctor and got to the bottom of my health issues.


Many thanks!”


Linda S., age 59, patient for 2 months as of the end of April 2007.




“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt tired, depressed, and had a low energy level.

I think the secret to feeling better was Dr. Campbell’s discovery of my very low Vitamin D level.


Now, I feel 100% better and I can make it through the day without a nap when I could not do this before.


I am most grateful for my energy level returning back to normal.  My back pain is gone and hair and skin have been much improved.”


Rosanne J, 59 years old, patient for 14 years as of 2006



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt tired, depressed, had no energy, foggy headed, and fatigued.


I think the secret to feeling better was being diagnosed correctly, while other doctors showed everything as ‘normal.’


Now I feel 100% better.


Now, I can walk every morning, clean my house, and take care of the daily needs of my family when I couldn’t do this before.


I am most grateful for Dr. Campbell for taking the time to find out the cause of my symptoms and giving me a life again.”


Stacie P, 40 years old



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt frustrated, sad, self-conscious, un-confident, old and tired and fat.


Before I saw her, I had significant symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, food sensitivities that I was unaware of, bloating, lethargy, brain fog, headaches, tiredness and had a lack of motivation.  Also, I could not lose weight no matter what I did.


I think the secret to feeling better was Dr. Campbell actually listened to the issues I was having and instead of prescribing a “one size fits all” pill, she started with testing for vitamin levels and food sensitivities and began to process of fixing one problem at a time.


Now I feel 150% better!!


I now can lose weight easily and feel energetic, younger, confident, healthy, light and happy when I couldn’t do this before.


I no longer have symptoms of bloating, tiredness, headaches, brain fog, sadness, or lethargy.


I am most grateful for Dr. Campbell listening to me and not dismissing me as menopausal using the typical “antidepressant therapy.” I love the way she deals with one issue at a time and she is so well-educated in the kind of medicine I am interested in, such as bio-identical hormone therapy, as well as nutritional information and programs.  She is perfect for my pro-active approach to my health and well-being.  I could not be more impressed!”


Kim W, 55 years old, patient for 2 months as of March 25, 2009



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt tired and had lost hope of feeling better.  I also had significant symptoms of severe depression and chronic back pain.


I think the secret to feeling better was her kind and caring bedside manner and knowing that she is really interested in helping me with the root cause of my symptoms and not just throwing prescriptions at me to mask the cause.  Dr. Campbell really cares about her patients and she treats your mind, body, and spirit.


Now, I feel 80% better.  My depression is actually 90% better and I am able to face each morning with a positive attitude and have hope for a great day.  My symptoms of doubt and fear are gone.


I am most grateful for the kind and caring staff at the office and all of the help that they offer for living a healthy lifestyle what will eventually elevate all of my symptoms.


Anyone who has suffered from a chronic illness or if you have recently been diagnosed with an illness, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Campbell.  She is the best doctor I have ever seen.  She honestly cares about your health.”


Anita G, 47 years old, patient for 1 year as of July 21, 2009



“Before I started seeing Dr. Campbell, I felt depressed, anxious, tired, stressed, and had headaches, muscle aches, and was suffering from weight gain.  I also had significant symptoms of fatigue.

I think the secret to feeling better was finding out that my hormone levels were off and I have adnreal fatigue.


Now, I feel 85% better.


Now, I can even exercise, work, think clearly and be myself again.


I no longer have symptoms of anxiety, constant stress, and fatigue.


I am most grateful for Dr. Campbell taking the time to listen to me instead of medicating me and sending me on.


Everyone should have hormone and adrenal testing done!


Thank you Dr. C!”


Karen G, 48 years old, patient for 3 months at time of survey



“Hey.  My name is Joy B. and I am Chris’ wife, and I just wanted to send a thank you to Dr. Campbell and staff for taking such good care of my husband.  […] He speaks so highly of all of you and he trusts you, which is huge, and a blessing.


I thank God that he has found a doctor he trusts and who actually does comprehensive testing.  He works so, so hard for our company and our family and we have worried about the physical toll it has taken on his body.  The OptiFast helped tremendously, I was able to feed him things he wouldn’t even try before and he actually liked a lot of them and thank God he stopped drinking the sodas and eating the candy non-stop.  He is sleeping much better and he definitely has more energy.  It is a huge relief to know that other than his testosterone that he is in good health.  It is such a relief.


He always points out how protected he has us if he were to die, and that is sweet of him, but money means nothing to us, we want him whole and healthy and I just wanted to pause on this Father’s Day and let you know how very much we appreciate your part in keeping our ‘big daddy’ well.”


Joy B, June 21, 2009



“Hello Dr. Campbell,


How can I begin to thank you?  I have now been on the miracle cream for 2 weeks and what a difference.  I feel like my old self again … focused and full of drive.  Three days after I started the cream, I was asked to co-lead a national programme to reduce the level of crime in the country (crime is very very bad here).  If I had been asked this in the last 18 months I would have said ‘No way, I cannot take such a thing on,’ but post cream I said yes and have been working, albeit unpaid, 8 hours a day as the lead coordinator on this crime initiative which will have incredible national benefits.  If anyone should ask me why I did take this major project on, I promise you, your name will be mentioned.”


Lou-Ann M, June 19, 2009









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